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Return policy

All sales are final on custom projects and art glass. I will make every effort that I can to make sure you will be happy with your custom glass. I recommend you get a sample of what you want. A 24" x 24" sample of the window design you would like, will show you my work ethic, quality and dedication to the best art glass possible. It will also let you see the design etched in the method you prefer. This will make it clear that we are on the same page and you will be getting what you expect. I want your art glass to be the highlight of your home.

Please use the order form to begin project. Projects are completed in the order in which they are received. No money is required to order. Even if you are not completely sure, you can place a order so we can work out design and installation issues. If you then decide to cancel the order before we begin, that will not be a problem. You may cancel an order up to the point that I ask for a deposit and begin the project by ordering materials, glass, paint and licenses that may apply.

On custom work, you should request sample of design before proceeding. I recommend that you place the sample next to intended site. Live with it a few days to see if you truly love it. When your conscious mind is thinking of something else and you see the sample, it will strike you if you truly like the design or not. Take your time when selecting the design. I will do my best to provide samples at low cost to you. Samples can be returned for credit on project. I want to make sure that you will be completely satisfied with my work, before we begin. If you are unsure how to etch the glass, the sample can be etched in two different ways.

Standard size mirror frames can be returned. You must pay return shipping. Upon receiving frame in good condition. I will refund or exchange. I will send sample of frame material upon request.