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Ideas for windows.


This pantry glass has a busy design on the back and a simple design on the front. This type of design is used when you don't want to see through the glass. This piece's transparency is about 40%. You can see the black sheet partially in the background. You could use a solid etch on the back. Then you could not see through at all. This would also makes the design harder to see. For a solid etch application, it is best to carve the design in the glass. Then the entire glass surface is etched.

Etched glue chip design

This is a picture of glue chipped glass with etching on same side. It is hard to tell from the picture. It was a sample for a shower door. We could use this in our pantry example with the glue chip on the back and etch Pantry and our design on the front. This makes a very elegant look. There are many styles of pattern glass. All of which can be brought to life with a personalized etched design. Some of the thinner pattern glass can not be safety tempered.

Elements can be mixed and matched to create complete designs. Center designs can be added to a border design. Repeating designs can be used to completely cover the glass.
Stripes and shapes can be etched on one side, so you can see through the glass. Or both sides can be etched with a apposing design so that you can not see through the glass.
Painted pattern glass and carved back painted glass. The carved design on far right is back painted white.

Glass and pricing


Let me tell you a little about the glass for our project. I use safety glass for all window projects. We can use tempered safety glass or laminated safety glass. Laminated glass works best for carving. The tempered glass has to be carved and then tempered which drives the price up. I use 3/16 inch thick or 1/4 inch thick tempered glass. Most applications will be 3/16 inch tempered glass. If it should happen to break, it breaks in small pieces. The face of the glass is stronger and it will withstand more heat.

It is not cost effective to remove a window to etch or to etch on site. The best way is to etch a piece of safety glass in my shop and then glaze it in front of your window as a overlay. With the etched glass on the inside of your window. This gives you more thermal protection from the elements. The glass can be mounted several ways.

Window install diagram
Click for larger view


By now, unless I have confused you. You should know...


There are quite a few variables involved in pricing my work. To give you an idea of the pricing. For a 4 foot by 4 foot window, the average price will be $500.00. If you are wanting a carved, complex design and translucent custom color back paint window. It could be as high as $1600.00. Most everything else will fall in between. I am more than happy to work with your budget. That is why I wanted you to see the many ways we can etch your design. If you have very little in the budget, perhaps one of the pattern glasses would work.

Design pricing

If you have a solid design idea in mind. Or if you have an idea for a etching from one of the designs in the gallery's. I can keep the design cost at a minimum. If it is one of my designs, It is figured into the price of the window. I charge $35.00 an hour to create artwork. If you would like a price quote for custom artwork contact me with the idea or photograph of your idea.

Design sources

My gallery's and design ideas are a tiny portion of artwork on the web. Please DO NOT ask me to copy someone else's work. If you want to show me some one else's work that you like, like a painting or picture, for reference only, that is fine. Some of the old paintings the copy right has ran out. Most of the modern artist and photographers have copy right and will get a little upset.

The exception to this is to buy a licence. There is a large, no huge, body of work on the internet. Sites like,, and These sites sell vector art, which is the line based graphics that I use for artwork. I wrote a article about Vector art, if you would care to read it. If you would like to look at these sites, It will give you a idea of the artwork that is available. The artwork usually needs to be changed for etching. Etched glass designs are mostly black and white. Clear glass is black and etched glass is white. You can add color to the glass with back painting.

Keep in mind if you choose a picture from one of these sites, before I can etch the design I have to convert it to vector art. This could raise the cost. Some photos will take very little work to make a design. Some will take several hours.

  1. I can use pictures to create artwork as vector.
  2. I can use photo emulsion techniques to etch the photo. This lowers the cost
    and works well small etchings.
  3. For larger etchings I can hand cut designs.
I will work with you to etch a photo in the best way possible. Contact me and let me help choose a picture that would work well. If you send me a email, I can send you the link to some of my favorite designs at Istockphoto in what is called a Light box.

Contacting me

There are several ways to contact me

If you are long distance, email me a time to call you and a phone number.

If you would prefer a text message send me your number in a email and I will text you.

If you are not interested in contacting me at this time, Thanks for looking.
Please remember to bookmark my site.