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"Whether people are fully conscious of this or not, they actually derive countenance and sustenance from the "atmosphere" of the things they live in or with. They are rooted in them just as a plant is in the soil in which it is planted. "Frank Lloyd Wright

Etched glass is the most versatile and the simplest of all art glass. The designs can come from nature and yet be strong in the effect. The sandblaster is the machine that can render multiple shades, textures, contours and depths into the glass. The glass can be blasted on both sides for even more of an effect. I would like to sandblast glass for your home plans and designs. There are now glass types of different colors and back painted glass to assist you in the design process.

Have you designed a special piece of glass while working on creating some ones "dream home" only to find out the big glass companies and designer glass companies will not do residential? I would like to help you with residential and commercial glass projects. The main reason, I think, they refuse to do residential glass is because home owners will reject the glass after completion. They will give many different excuses but, I believe that this can be solved by allowing the home owner to "live" with a sample for a few days to see if they truly like it. If not they can be involved in the creating process to provide the finishing touches to your designs.

I have created several designs for you to choose from but it is more likely that you all ready have the design created. You may have only an idea for the design you would like to use. I can help you with all of these scenarios. I create vector art from very simple to very intricate. These designs are then cut on a computer plotter to assure that the design will remain true on a repeating pattern. It will also allow me to recreate a piece in the middle of ten pieces if it is broken, a day later or a year later.

I have been blasting architectural glass for 25 years. I have strived to make my work better each year. I believe that the devil is in the detail. I strive to complete the job that is the perfect addition to your architectural designs. There are applications for producing fake etched glass with screen printing and ceramic frit printers but I believe that for small runs and one of a kind pieces sandblasted glass can not be beat in quality or price. I also offer Clearshield sealer for all my designs. If I could help you with a project or simply answer a question you might have, Please do not hesitate to call 816-850-4732. Thank you for your consideration