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ClearShield Sold Out

ClearShield Protection for etched glass

Ordinary sandblasted glass easily and rapidly loses its visual appeal through staining and fingerprinting. While many people feel that acid-etched glass overcomes the finger printing and staining problems so common with sandblasted glass, this is not true. In fact, many industry insiders feel that once stained, acid-etched glass is even more difficult to clean.

Protection with ClearShield is the ideal solution for sandblasted and acid-etched glass as it resists fingerprinting and staining, while maintaining the beautiful appearance of decorative glass.

AfterCare Concept order

Our range of AfterCare products offer even greater long- term protection to the glass and optimize cleaning benefits. However, normal glass cleaners can also be used. Full technical and commercial support is also provided.

ClearShield Protection for shower glass

Water spots are unsightly and can be very difficult to remove on unprotected glass. The lime scale from the hard water etches the surface of the glass, and high levels of humidity accelerate the corrosion process. The build-up of these contaminants increases the growth of bacteria. Cleaning becomes very difficult – if not impossible – no matter how hard one tries, wasting much time and effort. The appearance of the shower glass declines until there is a permanent cloudiness and the bathroom environment becomes unhygienic.

Protection with ClearShield is effective in shower and bathroom environments because it resists lime scale and improves hygiene. It ensures that shower or bath enclosure glass remains as clean and shiny as the day it was bought, with the least possible effort.

Why ClearShield

The Problem: Glass Corrosion

Just as metal rusts, glass suffers corrosion. This is caused by exposure to its environment as well as the physical and chemical properties of glass. While glass may look smooth, it actually consists of microscopic peaks and valleys. Depending on the type of environment, such as showers, decorative, architectural, windows/sunrooms, marine and airports/train stations, different contaminants fill these valleys and chemically react with the glass, firmly bonding to the surface.

The Solution: ClearShield

ClearShield Low-Maintenance / Easy Clean Glass prevents contaminants from bonding to the surface and limits further damage caused by corrosion and chemical attack. Glass can be kept looking like new and easy to clean using normal cleaning methods. ClearShield forms a strong, multi molecular bond on the surface of the glass. This unique polymeric resin provides years of proven protection. ClearShield creates Low-Maintenance / Easy Clean Glass.

molecule picture

Caring for your ClearShield-Protected glass

Shower Glass

For best results and to maximize the performance of your ClearShield-protected Shower Glass, rinse with water and squeegee dry after each use. Then clean your shower glass every 2-3 weeks with AfterCare for Shower Glass. AfterCare offers optimum-cleaning benefits, maximizes the long life protection of ClearShield, includes an anti-bacterial formula and leaves a clean, fresh scent. AfterCare is also safe to use on all shower framework and hardware.

In hard water areas, it is recommended that AfterCare for Shower Glass be used weekly or as required. Also use of our Lime scale Remover is recommended for more stubborn spots. DO NOT USE any abrasive scouring powders or pads, highly acidic or alkaline cleaners or sharp instruments to clean your ClearShield Shower Glass. These can permanently damage the glass. Glass Cleaners like Windex and Glass Plus, will not harm ClearShield Glass, although they are unnecessarily strong. Never use commercial strength cleaners or products such as Lime Away or CLR on ClearShield Glass.

In addition to AfterCare, an effective and inexpensive glass cleaner that will not harm ClearShield Glass is a simple mixture of 80% water and 20% vinegar. Place mixture in a spray bottle, apply to glass and wipe clean.

Durability Guidelines and Recommended AfterCare


ClearShield Glass Protect provides very effective and long-lasting protection, making glass always much easier to clean and keep clean than unprotected glass, resisting staining and maintaining clarity and visual appeal much longer. Unprotected glass can quickly and easily suffer permanent bonding of organic and inorganic air-borne and water-borne contaminants such as lime scale/mineral salts, unburned hydrocarbons, metal oxides and silicones, causing staining and physical damage. Keeping the glass clean becomes very difficult, if not impossible, despite regular washing. As a result, clarity and visual appeal of the glass are spoiled. Harsh and abrasive cleaning methods and compounds create further damage and accelerate the degradation process.

Durability Guidelines

As a general guideline, the service life of ClearShield Glass installed in vertical exterior glazing is up to 10years*. The durability may be longer for interior glazing. Please contact your supplier for advice of durability guidelines for other applications.

Recommended After-Care

On average ClearShield Glass requires cleaning less than half as often as unprotected glass. To optimize the performance and durability of the unique protection, we recommend that you base the frequency of cleaning by halving your current cleaning regime, and either increase or decrease it as required. We strongly recommend the use of our Glass AfterCare products for routine cleaning, a specialist and non-alkaline, non-abrasive, water-based cleaner. NOT TO BE USED: Abrasive cleaning methods, pads and compounds or highly alkaline cleaners should not be used on ClearShield Glass.

Glass protected for life

ClearShield Glass performs indefinitely if a simple re-application is carried out once its performance becomes noticeably reduced in terms of ease of cleaning and resistance to staining. The re-application can be carried out in the field either by a manufacturer’s representative or using a DIY kit. * The durability of the special protection may be affected by harshness of the environment and the type of cleaning compounds and methods used. Such matters are outside the control of the manufacturer.


I ship to the lower 48 contiguous states. Shipping is based on price. $0-$51.00 = $14.99, $51.01-$101.00 = $18.99 and $101.01-$151.00 = $25.00, $151.01-$201.00 = $35.00, $201.01 and up = $50.00. I will ship with FedEx Home Delivery in most cases. If you need shipping to another country or outside the contiguous 48 States, please email me first for a quote. If you need special shipping arrangements or faster shipping, let me know in the first email and I will get you a price and more information.

Limescale Remover Sold out.

Highly effective for the removal of lime scale from a wide range of surfaces. Can be used on all surfaces in the bathroom. Effective for cleaning hard water scale from all types of glass (including ClearShield-protected glass), ceramic, enamel, metal and plastic surfaces. 500ml Spray bottle. *Always test small area first and keep wet.

Price $19.16

Limescale remover

*Not recommended for use on marble or surfaces not resistant to acid.

AfterCare for Shower Glass Sold Out.

All-in-one specialized cleaner, disinfectant and conditioner for the routine maintenance of ClearShield Shower Glass. Specially formulated for use on ClearShield-protected Glass and ceramics in a bathroom environment. A very effective cleaner, disinfectant thanks to added biocides, and enhancer of ClearShield-protected glass thanks to added Conditioner. Regular use increases ClearShield Shower Protect's durability guideline in a shower environment from 5 to 12 years.

Recommended use

500ml trigger spray bottles

AfterCare for showers

Price $19.70


Aftercare and Lime Scale Remover Combination Sold out

Price $36.00

aftercare Lime Scale Remover Combo