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What can Glass Design llc do for you?

I am interested in solving the problems you have with glass and the day to day challenges that designers face with glass. Unlike most glass shops that have no interest in out of the box thinking when it comes to glass and the possibilities, I enjoy finding ways to use glass in challenging and artistic ways. I would like to help you combine glass with wood and metal to solve your design problems. I would like to combine different techniques to create one of a kind pieces. I can use glass and mirror to create custom wall hangings, showers, windows, doors, bath mirrors, sidelights, transoms, fireplace covers, table tops, room dividers, stairwell mirrors, framed mirrors, framless mirrors, shower walls and any problem area of a house that needs "Something".

Glass no longer comes in boring green tint. Today there are hundreds of glass colors and patterns. I can help you wade through the many kinds of glass and settle on the perfect glass for your unique situation. I can also install the glass in the Kansas City area. The pattern glass industry is booming. There are pattern glasses for everything from cabinet doors to shower doors. The pattern glass and colored or painted glass can also be etched solid for privacy or with a design to top off the perfect design. There have been changes in the grinding and drilling of glass that could help you. So if you have had problems with glass in the past, please allow me to meet with you to discuss your current needs. Call for appointment or fill out the contact form. I look forward to meeting with you in the Kansas City area. If you are out of the area I can still help you over the phone and through email. My glass can be shipped all over the country. Call 816-850-4732.