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Painted glass

Glass paint is a special two part paint that sticks to the glass surface without the use of primer. The paint is formulated with a surface molecular modifying nanotechnology. It creates a true permanent paint to glass bond. The paint has undergone extensive third-party adhesion and weather ability testing to insure a durable and reliable finish. It has a 10-year limited warranty.

Painted glass is a modern and hygienic alternative to tiles and laminates. It has unlimited uses. It can be translucent, for windows, sidelights and door lights. Any place where light would be wanted. It can be used as opaque for tiles, back splashes and shower doors. This can add privacy to windows you do not want to see shadows through. By this I mean that if you are in a room and the light is behind you, your shadow will appear on the window. People outside in the dark can see your shadow. This may not be a problem. It might be worth it so that the light can shine in during the day.

Painted glass

One of the uses of back painted glass is carved glass. A design can be carved into the back of the glass. The glass can then be painted. If it is painted with a opaque color it can be used as a tile. It can be glued to the wall or counter top. It can be several panels with a design that repeats or makes up a Mural. If it is painted with translucent paint, it can be used for a window overlay. This allows the light to come in but keeps people from looking in. This is a break through. Stained glass is made of thin glass. The pieces are only about three feet wide. So to be able to take a large piece of glass. Have it tempered after you carved a design deeply into the glass. Paint it with a translucent color and mount it in your window. You have created a master piece of art glass at a fraction of the cost of stained glass. The reason stained glass is so expensive is because it takes so long to cut and sand and then soldier it all together.

painted rain

If you are not interested in etched glass or carved glass, you could add color to your home with painted pattern glass. The picture on the right is rain glass with a translucent blue paint. There is a flower arrangement behind it. You can see the flowers color but not much else. You can see through the clear glass more than etched glass.

There are several types of pattern glass. It comes in 3/16", 1/4" and 3/8" thickness.

The variety of pattern glass and the range of colors that can be custom mixed give the designer an almost limitless amount of choices. One of the concerns with translucent paint is that if there are any dirt particles present when the paint is sprayed, it can show up in the final product. Pattern glass lends itself to solving this problem because small blemishes can not be seen in the rough textures of the glass.

For this reason I prefer not to paint clear glass with translucent colors. Opaque colors on clear glass is fine. If you are wanting clear glass in a certain color that you can see through. There are suppliers of colored glass that can be cut, polished and tempered. If you are interested in painted glass or one of the other colored glass types, it is best to see a sample first. The white back painted glass pictures do not do the pieces justice. You have to see them to appreciate them. Contact me with the color scheme and the specifications of the project and I will show you the best art glass for the job.

There are also new technologys for colors inside laminated glass. The color sheets are put together in different layers to produce different colors. All the colors can be created. The cool thing about this is that the color will last forever. It is protected by the glass on both sides. This laminated glass can then be etched with a design to high light the space. If you contact me about your project. I can help you find the best solution for your project.

3/8" Heavy shower door on green glass tile

green glass tile green glass tile

These are commercial tiles but they give you an idea about how glass tiles look. If you wanted larger tiles or a certain color I can get you a price quote for your size and color. I would recommend Clearshield sealer for this shower. I like the way they did the top.

Standard colors

These are the colors I have in stock. There is No set up fee for these colors. I will stock the popular colors. If I have extra from other jobs I will add them here. The price of standard colors is $30.00 per square foot. There is no minimum

Arcitectural Design 1 Architectural Design 1 Reverse Architectural Design 4 Architectural Design 4 Reverse

* White ------ * Black ------ * Black Bean ------ * Orange

Architectural Design 5 gold plaque color swatch color swatch

* Blue ------ * Gold

Special order colors

Back painted glass is available in custom colors. Glass paint can be matched to all Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams color swatch codes. The minimum order for a custom color is $400.00. This is the same as 14 square foot of glass. A 4 foot by 4 foot window is 16 square foot. The paint is expensive, but if you break it down for 10 years it comes to under $4.00 month. I think the enjoyment will be worth it.